Katastrophic Kat (kat_nic) wrote,
Katastrophic Kat

[personal profile] kat_nic <---I am journaling here now. I've been sort of successful setting up rss feeds (only one of them is working and it only picks up new content once a week? halp), but I really am not ever planning on using Livejournal anymore.

  • (no subject)

    What's worse, spiders or roaches? :/ My old place had lots and lots of spiders. Really scary looking ones, and on one notable occasion I even found a…

  • oh, lol

    When I first got Mica one year ago, she weighed seven pounds. Nothing but skin and bones. Yesterday at the vet, she weighed in at 15.9 pounds. ._.…

  • Catering: never doing this again

    Oh, thank god I don't have to work tomorrow. :( I am making serious for real plans to be out of here and working somewhere on the coast by next…

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