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28 September 1985
United States
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adam rippon, animorphs, anne mccaffrey, avalon, books, brian jacques, cats, charlie white, cooking, culinary arts, daisuke takahashi, darkover, davis/white, denis ten, doctor horrible, doctor who, dogs, dragonriders of pern, eating, evgeni plushenko, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy/sf, figure skating, firebird, firefly, food, gentleman bastards, girls, heralds of valdemar, heroes, ice dancing, jeremy abbott, johnny weir, k.a. applegate, labyrinth, lgbt rights, lynn flewelling, marion zimmer bradley, mercedes lackey, meryl davis, mocking reality tv, movies, music, name of the wind, nightrunners, patrick rothfuss, pushing daisies, robin mckinley, sanctuary, sarah monette, science fiction, scott lynch, sg universe, stephane lambiel, the doctrine of labyrinths, the tamir triad, torchwood, ursula k. leguin, writing, yuzuru hanyu
Compulsive book buyer.


Crazy cat lady.

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